Elaine A. Higgins, P.E., BCEE

Elaine A. Higgins, P.E., BCEE, is currently a senior engineer at GSI Environmental Inc.. She has served as a project team leader at GSI since receiving an M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Houston in 1990. She has evaluated industrial sites for applicable federal, state, and location permits and worked to prepare the requisite documents. She has extensive experience with hazardous waste management (including accreditation as a Board Certified Environmental Engineer) in preparing permits for commercial and industrial facilities, including hazardous waste permits in both Texas and Alabama, review of notices of registration, and air permits by rule. She has developed Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans (SPCCs), and Emergency Action Plans. In addition, she has managed corrective action projects involving the design, installation, and monitoring of soil and groundwater remediation systems at various chemical plants and industrial sites as well as the design and construction of pilot and treatability test systems for research projects and innovative treatment technologies. Other projects include environmental site investigations, fate and transport modeling, human health risk assessments, risk-based corrective action design and implementation, radioactive materials licenses and decommissioning plans, and waste management unit closures completed under RCRA, CERCLA, Texas Risk Reduction Rules, the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP), and applicable state and federal regulations in many other states nationwide. Ms. Higgins has conducted professional training in human health risk assessment and corrective action design in the U.S. and Asia, including participation as a software trainer for the statewide TCEQ TRRP Training Program.

Rev. June 2018