Poonam R. Kulkarni, P.E.

Ms. Kulkarni is a Senior Engineer with GSI Environmental Inc. She earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, and an M.C.E.E. in Environmental Engineering from Rice University, and has over 12 years of combined experience in engineering and environmental consulting. She has extensive professional experience in methods to evaluate and enhance Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) at hydrocarbon sites, specializing in thermal monitoring (Thermal NSZD) and temperature enhancements of biodegradation. She has served as Co-Principal Investigator on multiple DoD-sponsored research projects that apply innovative strategies to characterize and treat conventional and emerging contaminants in groundwater at a wide range of sites. These include the development of an innovative enhanced bioattenuation technology for DNAPL sites, characterization of the nature and extent of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), methods to evaluate and reduce variability in groundwater monitoring data, as well as a demonstration of passive soil vapor extraction technologies. Ms. Kulkarni’s project experience also includes the design, implementation and management of novel remediation systems. Currently, she is involved in the testing and application of a new approaches for the treatment of PFAS in groundwater. In addition, she specializes in the analysis and interpretation of large public and private databases focusing on the extent and attenuation of constituents and their key driving factors, including the effectiveness of remediation efforts. She has also been involved in developing guidance documents through industry groups such as the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council and the National Groundwater Association, as well as publishing several manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

 Rev. May 2020