Heptachlor epoxide Type: O
CAS No. 1024573  
Physical Properties Value Reference
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 389.3201 TR
Solubility @ 20-25 degC (mg/L) 0.275 TR
Vapor pressure @ 20-25 degC (mmHG) 4.34e-006 TR
Henry's Law constant @ 20 degC 0.0003446153 TR
Sorption coefficient (log L/kg) Koc 3.8594985582 TR
Octanol-water partition coefficient (log L/kg) 4.9055 TR
Diffusion coefficient in air (cm^2/s) 0.0132 TR
Diffusion coefficient in water (cm^2/s) 4.23e-006 TR
Miscellaneous Parameters Value Reference
Relative bioavailability factor (-) 1 T
Analytical Detection Limits:
Water (mg/L) - -
Soil (mg/kg) - -
First-order decay half lives (days):
Saturated zone -  
Unsaturated zone - -
Soil-to-plant biotransfer factor (0):
Above ground veg. -  
Below ground veg. - -
Toxicity Data Value Reference
EPA weight of evidence B2  
Carcinogen TRUE  
Oral slope factor (1/[mg/kg/day]) 9.1 TR
Inhalation unit risk factor (1/[ug/m^3]) 0.0026 TR
Oral reference dose (mg/kg/day) 1.3e-005 TR
Inhalation reference conc. (mg/m^3) - -
Dermal Exposure Value Reference
Dermal adsorption fraction (-) 0.1 TR
Gastrointestinal adsorption fraction (-) 0.72 TR
Dermal permeability coefficient (cm/hr) - -
Lag time for dermal exposure (hr) - -
Critical dermal exposure time (hr) -  
Relative contribution of perm. coeff. (-) -  
Regulatory Standards Value Reference
Primary MCL 0.0002 MC
Secondary MCL - -
Drinking Water MCLs (mg/L):
Occupational Air PEL/TWA (mg/m^3) - -
Surface water quality criteria (mg/L)
Aquatic life protection: Fresh water biota 3.8e-006 E
Aquatic life protection: Marine biota 3.6e-006 E
Human health: Drinking / freshwater fish 0.000159 T3
Human health: Fresh water fishing only 0.0011 T3
Human health: Salt water fishing only 0.000723 T3
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