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Over the years GSI Environmental Inc. employees have authored and co-authored a variety of technical papers and publications; below is a selection of our work. When possible a PDF link to the document is provided. When a PDF is not available a link to the source is provided.

Authors Title Published
Nickerson, Rodowa, Adamson, Field, Kulkarni, Kornuc, HigginsSpatial Trends of Anionic, Zwitterionic, and Cationic PFASs at an AFFF-Impacted Site 2020View
Ma, McHugh, Beckley, Lahvis, DeVaull, JiangVapor Intrusion Investigations and Decision-Making: A Critical Review2020View
Goodrum, Anderson, Luz, AnsellApplication of a Framework for Grouping and Mixtures Toxicity Assessment of PFAS: A Closer Examination of Dose Additivity Approaches2020View
Kulkarni, Newell, King, Molofsky, GargApplication of Four Measurement Techniques to Understand Natural Source Zone Depletion Processes at an LNAPL Site 2020View
Newell, Adamson, Kulkarni, Nwedo Nzeribe , StrooComparing PFAS to other groundwater contaminants: Implications for remediation2020View
McHugh, Newell, Strasters, Stanley, Johnson , Henderson, Roff, NarusawaDirect aerobic NSZD of a basalt vadose zone LNAPL source in Hawaii2020View
Carrera, Mok, PapaioannouEfficient estimation of hydraulic conductivity heterogeneity with non-redundant measurement information2020View
Akhtar, Santi, Griffiths, Becker, Eagleb, Kim, Kocsis, Rosenthal, HigginsA record of the δ44/40Ca and [Sr] of seawater over the last 100 million years from fossil elasmobranch tooth enamel2020View
Santi, Arnold, Ibarra, Whicker, Mering, Lomara, Lora, TripatiClumped isotope constraints on changes in latest Pleistocene hydroclimate in the northwestern Great Basin: Lake Surprise, California2020View
Farhat, Adamson, Gavaskar, Lee, Falta, NewellVertical Discretization Impact in Numerical Modeling of Matrix Diffusion in Contaminated Groundwater2020View
McGuire, Newell, Osorio, Walker, KeatAllocating remedial costs at a superfund site using risk magnitude, geographic information systems, and Monte Carlo analysis2020View
Nickerson, Maizel, Kulkarni, Adamson, Kornuc, HigginsEnhanced Extraction of AFFF-Associated PFASs from Source Zone Soils2020View
Adamson, Nickerson, Kulkarni, Higgins, Popovic, Field, Rodowa, Newell, de Blanc, KornucMass-Based, Field-Scale Demonstration of PFAS Retention within AFFF-Associated Source Areas 2020View
Sharma , Kostarelos, Lenschow, Christensen, de BlancSurfactant Flooding Makes a Comeback: Results of a Full-Scale, Field Implementation to Recover Mobilized NAPL2020View
Kulkarni, Godwin, Long, NewellHow Much Heterogeneity? Flow versus Area from a Big Data Perspective2020View
Walker, McGuire, Adamson, AndersonLong-Term Evaluation of Mulch Biowall Performance to Treat Chlorinated Solvents2020View
Mohr, DiGuiseppi, Hatton, AndersonEnvironmental Investigation and Remediation 1,4-Dioxane and other Solvent Stabilizers, Second Edition2020View
Karp, Mahaffey, AnsellAbsence of Broad-Based Congressional or U.S. EPA Actions Limiting PFAS Exposure Likely to Engender Continued State Regulation2020View
Favara, Raymond, Ambrusch, Libera, Wolf, Simon , Maco, Collins, Harclerode, McNally , Ridsdale, Smith, HowardTen Years Later: The Progress and Future of Integrating Sustainable Principles, Practices, and Metrics into Remediation Projects2019View
Simon, Abrams, Bradburne, Bryant, Burns, Cassidy, Cherry, Chiang, Cox, Crimi, Denly, DiGuiseppi, Fenstermacher, Fiorenza, Guarnaccia, Hagelin, Hall, Hesemann, Houtz, Koenigsberg, Lauzon, Longsworth, Maher, McGrath, Naidu, Newell, Parker, Singh, Tomiczek, WicePFAS Experts Symposium: Statements on Regulatory Policy, Chemistry and Analytics, Toxicology, Transport/Fate, and Remediation for Per- and Polyfluoralkyl Substances (PFAS) Contamination Issues. 2019View
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