Organic Contaminant Control in a Gulf Coast Aquifer

Authors: B. Yare, J. Connor, D. Schaezler
Published: December 1983 in Natioanal Ground Water Association (NGWA) pages 371-374.


A Gulf Coast electronic products company stored spent organic solvents in a buried concrete tank. Observation wells installed adjacent to the tank detected solvents in the saturated silty sand underlying the site. Additional observation wells were installed to define the areal extent of the contaminant plume and determine its direction and rate of movement. A pumping withdrawal system was designed with distance-drawdown data obtained from a pumping test on wells located in the center of the plume. Withdrawal of 30 gpm from each of three existing observation wells will produce a hydraulic sink over the entire areal extent of the contaminant plume. Treatability studies indicated that passing the withdrawn ground water through an existing waste water aeration tank was the least expensive treatment alternative as compared to building a new packed column or using an existing cooling tower to air strip the withdrawn ground water. The withdrawal and treatment systems were put into operation in March 1984. Routine monitoring is planned to determine the effectiveness of the withdrawal system.