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Over the years GSI Environmental Inc. employees have authored and co-authored a variety of technical papers and publications; below is a selection of our work. When possible a PDF link to the document is provided. When a PDF is not available a link to the source is provided.

Authors Title Published
Anderson, Luz, GoodrumResponse to "Overgeneralization by Anderson et al. and Luz et al. Regarding Safety of Flourotelomer-Base Chemistry”2019View
Santi, Arnold, Ibarra, MeringLake level fluctuations in the Northern Great Basin for the last 25,000 years. Exploring Ends of Eras in the Eastern Mojave Desert, The 2019 Desert Symposium2019View
Iwai, Hoberman, Goodrum, Mendelsohn, AndersonAddendum to Iwai and Hoberman (2014) - Reassessment of Developmental Toxicity of PFHxA in Mice2019View
Nwedo Nzeribe , Crimi, Mededovic Thagard , HolsenPhysico-Chemical Processes for the Treatment of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): A Review2019View
Anderson, Luz, Goodrum, DurbaPerfluorohexanoic Acid Toxicity, Part II: Application of Human Health Toxicity Value for Risk Characterization2019View
Luz, Anderson, Goodrum, DurbaPerfluorohexanoic Acid Toxicity, Part I: Development of a Chronic Human Health Toxicity Value for Use in Risk Assessment2019View
Li, Baghi, Filip, Islam, Hope-weeks, YanActivation of Peroxydisulfate by Ferrite Materials for Phenol Degradation2019View
Miao, Johnson, Gedalanga, Adamson, Newell, MahendraResponse and Recovery of Microbial Communities Subjected to Oxidative and Biological Treatments of 1,4-Dioxane and Co-Contaminants2019View
Nwedo Nzeribe , Thagard, Holsen, Stratton, CrimiChapter 12, Oxidation and Reduction Approaches for Treatment of Perfluoroalkyl Substances. In: Kempisty, D. M., Xing, Y. and L. Racz (eds.). Perfluoralkyl Substances in the Environment. Theory, Practice, and Innovation2019View
Sorensen, YanitesLatitudinal trends in modern fluvial erosional efficiency along the Andes2019View
Anderson, Adamson, StrooPartitioning of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances from Soil to Groundwater within Aqueous Film Forming Foam Source Zones2018View
Bedekar, Scantlebury, PandayAxisymmetric Modeling Using MODFLOW-USG2018View
Strasters, Teh, CohanAir Quality and Health Benefits from Potential Coal Power Plant Closures in Texas2018View
Miao, Johnson, Heck, Guo, Powell, Phan, Gedalanga, Adamson, Newell, Wong, MahendraMicrobial Responses to Combined Oxidation and Catalysis Treatment of 1,4-Dioxane and Co-Contaminants in Groundwater and Soil2018View
McHugh, Villarreala, Beckley, RauchEvidence of canister contamination causing false positive detections in vapor intrusion investigation results2018View
Divine, Wright, Wang, McDonough, Kladias, Crimi, Nzeribe, Devlin, Lubrecht, Ombalski, Hodge, Voscott, GerberThe Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment Well (HRX Well®) for Passive In situ Remediation: Design, Implementation, and Sustainability Considerations2018View
Eklund, Beckley, RagoOverview of state approaches to vapor intrusion: 20182018View
Mansfield, Tran, Lyman, Bowers, Smith, KeslarEmissions of Organic Compounds from Produced Water Ponds III: Mass-Transfer Coefficients, Composition-Emission Correlations, and Contributions to Regional Emissions2018View
Tran, Lyman, Mansfield, O'Neil, Bowers, Smith, KeslarEmissions of Organic Compounds from Produced Water Ponds II: Evaluation of Flux Chamber Measurements with Inverse-Modeling Techniques2018View
Guelfo, AdamsonEvaluation of a National Data Set for Insights into Sources, Composition, and Concentrations of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in U.S. Drinking Water2018View
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