Regulatory Bulletins

PUBS_RegBull___JPGs_GAVEL_From time to time, our staff writes regulatory bulletins to keep our clients up to date on the latest regulatory changes. We have now posted them here for your convenience.
New ReleasesVapor Intrusion: Status of USEPA and State Guidance - Issued SEP-2013

TRRP-10: Selecting Target Chemicals of Concern - Issued JAN-2009
Whats new at TCEQ? - Issued JAN-2009
RCRA Permit Renewal Applications - Issued NOV-2008

Previous Releases

Proposed TRRP Rule Modifications - Issued JUL-2005
Risk Reduction Rules Grandfathering Deadline - Issued MAR-2005
TRRP 8: Groundwater Resource Classification - Issued NOV-2003
TRRP Plume Management Zones - Issued NOV-2003
Municipal Setting Designations - Issued OCT-2003
TRRP-13: Review and Reporting of COC Concentration Data - Issued APR-2003
Texas Risk Reduction Rules to be Re-Proposed - Issued OCT-1998
RCRA Permit Renewal Applications: What to Do. How to Do It - Issued JAN-1998
New Guidelines for Texas Risk Reduction Program - Issued FEB-1997