GSI works with public and private-sector clients to provide innovative redevelopment strategies for Brownfield/redevelopment sites. Providing services that range from site identification, investigation, and remediation to design and permitting, GSI provides the services necessary to redevelop an environmentally impacted property. We work closely with our clients to identify, prioritize, and assess targeted sites, develop strategies to reach cost-efficient regulatory closure, and achieve redevelopment goals.

Evaluation of Potential Environmental Constraints on Property Redevelopment Activities

GSI completed a soil and groundwater sampling and analysis program to evaluate potential environmental constraints on property redevelopment of a former bus maintenance facility. Following clean-up, the property was redeveloped as a high school.

Voluntary Response Action for Land and Properties

GSI successfully leverages our experience and expertise in environmental investigation, risk assessment and remediation to assist our clients in effectively and efficiently achieving site closure for affected properties. By facilitating timely closure under various Brownfields and Voluntary Cleanup Programs, our clients are able to complete property transactions and redevelopment activities.

Chemical Facility Redevelopment

GSI designs site management strategies for the successful redevelopment of former chemical and refinery facilities. Our approach includes careful review of post-closure permits, applicable regulations, and U.S. and EPA land development initiatives to design remediation and management strategies that facilitate property redevelopment.

Environmental Site Investigation for Property Redevelopment

GSI conducted an environmental site investigation of a former oil well site located in a suburban area undergoing redevelopment. Completed site inspections, reasonable delineation of former oil pit locations, collection of soil samples, and interpretation of analytical results.

Vapor Intrusion Assessments for Brownfields Sites

In addition to vapor intrusion assessments, GSI has conducted third-party technical reviews to support real estate transactions. We have also developed prioritization strategies to focus vapor intrusion (VI) assessments for our clients with large portfolios of properties.