Environmental Investigation / Remediation

GSI designs site investigations to effectively obtain data needed for the appropriate corrective action program; specialize in Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) and Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) programs; customize investigations to site-specific conditions and remedial action objectives; manage hydrogeologic site investigations at large and complex facilities involving multiple individual contaminant sources; and perform accurate, high quality, and complete data acquisition safely and efficiently.

GSI specializes in remediation of affected soil and groundwater using the most efficient and cost-effective technology. We have designed and implemented pilot and full scale remediation systems at numerous corrective action sites using both conventional and innovative technologies. We minimize the scope and cost of corrective action by integrating sustainable remediation, RBCA, and natural attenuation into remediation designs.

Groundwater and Soil Remediation

GSI remediates contaminated soil and groundwater with the most cost-effective technology; provides engineering and design expertise for the appropriate corrective action process; and minimizes the scope and cost of corrective action by integrating RBCA and remediation by natural attenuation (RNA) into remediation designs.


GSI develops models to meet our client's project objectives provide customized solutions to address unique challenges. To this end, GSI staff have been instrumental in developing or refining some of the most widely used models in the environmental business, including BIOCHLOR, MAROS, MODFLOW-USG, and the Matrix Diffusion Toolkit.

Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA)

GSI has developed thousands of RBCA strategies for environmental cleanup projects worldwide. We have defined soil, water, and sediment cleanup criteria for chemical and petroleum release sites. Our RBCA Tool Kit software is used in 36 countries worldwide. We train regulators and industry, and we develop risk reduction strategies and database software for managing large portfolios of remediation sites.

Environmental Site Assessment

GSI’s cost effective hydrogeologic site investigations stress accurate, thorough data acquisition and focus on remedial action goals, resulting in appropriate, targeted corrective actions, including the application of RBCA and Remediation by Natural Attenuation (RNA) strategies. We are experts in interpreting complex site-specific conditions, such as multiple contaminant sources and intermingled plumes.