Litigation Support

GSI has extensive experience in litigation and expert witness support for clients in the U.S. and around the world. We have a strong business practice in environmental litigation and have assisted our clients by conducting site assessments and investigations, fate and transport modeling, evaluating environmental operations against regulations, conducting historic and current standards of practice, and other factors, as appropriate. Many members of our staff have also served as expert witnesses on significant cases regarding forensic analysis of causation, environmental remediation damages, Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), cost recovery, etc., for oilfield, chemical, and waste management facilities. They have also provided expert testimony concerning disputes regarding groundwater resources and basin adjudication.

Site Investigation and Remediation

GSI is an industry leader in investigation and remediation of impacted environmental media. Our strategic approach identifies the source and extent of impacts, as well as the need for, scope, and cost of required remediation. Our site-specific evaluations include consideration of applicable regulations, potential impacts to beneficial use, and potential risks to human health and the environment.

Water Resources Litigation Support

GSI has provided litigation and mediation support for clients engaged in disputes regarding groundwater resources and basin adjudication, including opining about safe yield, groundwater overdraft, and hydrologic budgets, and expert testimony.

Vapor Intrusion Litigation

GSI’s expertise and experience allow us to use a wide range of standard and advanced evaluation techniques to determine the true source of alleged indoor air impacts (e.g., indoor sources or VI).  This way, the true risks from underground sources can be properly managed.