Research & Development Services

GSI is an industry leader in research and development of innovative technologies and software products including BIOSCREEN, BIOCHLOR, and Matrix Diffusion Toolkit, and the Monitoring and Remediation Optimization System (MAROS) software. GSI specializes in technology innovations in vapor intrusion measurements, remediation optimization, green and sustainable remediation analyses, natural attenuation evaluations, high-resolution groundwater monitoring methods, source characterization including DNAPL modeling and innovative remedial approaches. GSI’s innovations are communicated through our expertise in web and conventional training programs, technical report and guidance writing and presentations at symposia and conferences.

Technology Development & Tech Transfer

GSI develops innovative site remediation technologies; teams with academic, industry, and government partners for technology development; and works with government and industry to transfer the new technology to potential end users.

Groundwater Modeling and Software Development

GSI applies a wide variety of groundwater flow and transport models that match the complexity of the model to the complexity of the problem. We create cost-effective groundwater modeling using simple analytical models to address key site questions, and we develop and maintains large databases of groundwater data for corporate clients.

Environmental Database Management and Data Visualization

GSI builds easy-to-use environmental monitoring databases for industrial clients. We also help clients select, build, and apply strategic environmental databases, employs Geographic Information Systems (GIS), off-the-shelf graphics software, and customized graphics software to help clients visualize key environmental data for improved understanding and communication.

Vapor Intrusion R&D

Distinguishing between vapor intrusion (VI) and other VOC sources is vital for accurate indoor air quality assessments. GSI has received over $1 million in research and development funding from the Department of Defense and other organizations to develop a variety of reliable, cost-effective evaluation methods that quickly and reliably identify the source and extent of indoor air quality concerns.

GSI Project wins ESTCP 2014 Project-of-the-Year

GSI’s DoD-funded project distinguishing vapor intrusion (VI) from indoor sources of VOCs was selected as ESTCP Environmental Restoration Project of the Year for 2014. The project used compound-specific stable isotope analysis and on-site gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer to distinguish between VI and indoor sources of VOCs. These innovative techniques can now be used to significantly reduce VI investigation costs by reducing the need for follow up investigations, and in some cases, by supporting identification and removal of indoor sources of VOCs during the investigation.

GSI Project wins SERDP 2014 Project of the Year

Colorado State University and GSI received the 2014 SERDP Project-of-the-Year Award for Environmental Restoration for their Contaminant Storage and Release in Low Permeability Zones project. The results of this study have improved understanding of contaminant storage and release in low permeability zones.