Thermal NSZD

red plume graphicThe Thermal NSZD technology (patent pending) measures the rate at which natural biodegradation destroys free-phase product (LNAPL) in the subsurface by measuring the heat released by the microbial reaction. The measured rates of LNAPL degradation range from 100s to 1000s of gallons per acre per year. This monitoring can show natural biodegradation to be much more effective, and economical, than conventional LNAPL recovery and/or in-situ treatment systems.

The Thermal NSZD Dashboard is a secure webpage interface that downloads data remotely from thermal monitoring stations and provides continuous, real-time biodegradation rates for your site. This enables end-users to track the NSZD progress of site cleanup every day.

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Thermal NSZD LLC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GSI Environmental Inc.

Installation of Thermal Monitoring Stations

GSI can help you assess, install and operate Thermal Monitoring Stations at your site. Each station consists of Vertical profiles of thermocouples installed using a direct-push rig, data logger and wireless communication system.

Thermal NSZD Dashboard

The Thermal NSZD Dashboard has the following capabilities: Downloads temperature data on a daily basis, plots temperature vs. time and temperature vs. depth for all stations, calculates daily rates of LNAPL degradation by NSZD (gallons/acre/yr) at each monitoring station, calculates site-wide cumulative NSZD rates, provides an automated NSZD report.