Water Resources

GSI provides water resources consulting services to public and private clients facing critical water resources challenges across the United States and abroad. Given the increasing challenges posed by uncertain supplies, increasing and demanding stakeholders, and constrained budgets, our expertise in helping our clients better understand and plan for their water resources risks, constraints and opportunities is proving invaluable.

Water Supply Reliability and Optimization

Drought and climate change add to the inherent constraints in water production and delivery infrastructure for growing populations. Accurate planning and forecasting is more essential than ever. GSI has developed comprehensive and innovative methods that address these challenges for our clients. These methods have been thoroughly reviewed and are being used by a large water purveyor to better plan and schedule capital improvements.

Resource Planning and Management

GSI has developed custom, effective solutions to water resource management challenges that include managing uncertainty in long-term groundwater and surface water supply; water and groundwater supply development and management in coastal regions; impact of agricultural and industrial practices; climate change-related impacts to water supply and infrastructure; recharge using wells and ponds; land uses in arid, tropical and coastal conditions; and subsidence.

Water Quality Management

GSIs staff has characterized and mitigated groundwater and surface water impacts to basins and watersheds around the world. We have developed evaluation and mitigation strategies for our clients that better protect their interests from man-made and naturally occurring contaminants. One of our core competencies is evaluating large water quality data sets and identifying trends and other key data “signals.” These tools range from using isotopes to advanced statistical tools.

Unique Model Applications

GSI has demonstrated expertise in a variety of unique model applications that include contaminant fate and transport in soil and groundwater; saltwater intrusion; integrated interactions between surface water groundwater interactions; optimization of large integrated water delivery systems; climate change impacts; multiphase flow and transport; subsurface vapor flow; time-series analysis; and evaluation of risk and reliability.

Climate Change Impact Analysis

Climate change can significantly affect water supply systems and critical infrastructure as precipitation patterns change in duration, frequency and location. GSI develops tools and methods to assess impacts of climate change on surface water and groundwater resources and dam operations. Projects have included assessing accelerated erosion due to flooding from extreme rainfall events and water supply reliability for a large metropolitan area under changing rainfall patterns.

Storm Water / Water Quality

Storm water and water quality planning are vital to successful municipal or industrial construction projects. GSI ensures our clients’ success with NPDES permit compliance expertise that includes strategic planning; Best Management Practices (BMP); total maximum daily loads and receiving water limitations, compliance documents; monitoring program design and data analysis; Clean Water Act; and regulations and permits.

Water Resource Litigation Support

GSI’s qualified, experienced technical experts provide highest-caliber litigation support for our clients involved in groundwater and surface water resources disputes. We have reviewed and applied models to complex problems, including safe yield, interactions between surface water and groundwater, and the impacts of drought. Our experts are recognized internationally and have extensive trial experience.

Research and Development

GSI is an industry leader in the development of tools to address critical water resource issues. Our experts have co-authored MODFLOW NWT and USG and have developed innovative tools to better forecast rainfall distribution through data fusion of radar and gauge data. We have also developed tools currently being used by a major metropolitan area to improve the reliability of, and optimize, its complex water supply system.