Animated Information System (AIS) for Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

The Animated Information System (AIS) for Groundwater Assessment and Remediation was developed to help facilitate an understanding of hydrogeology, contaminant migration in soil and groundwater, site assessment, and remediation. The AIS software provides a visualization approach that incorporates 3-D animation and state-of-the-art graphics into an interactive format. The tool focuses on petroleum releases from underground storage tanks (USTs), but many of the concepts have much broader applicability. The AIS can be used as a platform to introduce key concepts related to most sites and important regulatory issues.

AIS Overview


 AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 1  AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 2  AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 3
 AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 4  AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 5  AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 6
 AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 7  AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 8  AIS LORAX AnimatedInformationSystem 9

Key Features

  • The AIS consists of 5 major modules including: 1) Hydrogeology; 2) Fate and Transport Concepts; 3) Vulnerability; 4) Remediation; and 5) Tank Systems.
  • Each module contains user-managed or “hidden” buttons that the user can activate, depending upon the audience, for providing additional details on various topics within each module.
  • The inclusion of the modules and user-managed buttons helps the user tailor the presentation to a particular audience.
  • The AIS is intended to be utilized by a knowledgeable user in order to most effectively convey information to the target audience.
  • Training is available to facilitate effective use of the AIS software.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Operating System
  • 1Ghz or faster Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Adobe Flash


The current AIS version available is Edition 2 released in 2015. This latest version is only available in English. Spanish and Metric versions are available for Edition 1 only. Click here to access all downloads.

Installation Instructions

Download the desired version of the AIS software using the links above and save the file to your hard drive. Launch the software by double clicking the .exe file in the download folder. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Training Opportunities

Included with the AIS tool are various overviews and a tutorial (with subscripts in multiple languages including: Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and French), however; additional training is available to help users fully understand and utilize the power of the AIS. While at Shell, Curt Stanley was the lead developer of the AIS and led various training programs for Shell staff, consultants, regulators, and academics across the globe. This training is now available through GSI as outlined below:

½-Day Train the Trainer (up to 15 participants) : This training program is designed to familiarize the participants with the contents of the tool (hydrogeology, concepts related to fate and transport, site assessment, remediation, and UST systems), as well as how to effectively utilize the AIS for various audiences.

Full-Day Petroleum Contaminant Hydrogeology 101 (up to 25 participants): This training program covers basic aspects of petroleum contaminant hydrogeology utilizing Edition 2 of the AIS, including:

  • Unconfined/Confined Aquifers, Aquitards, Perched Zones
  • Groundwater Flow Gradients and Velocity

      Contaminant Migration
      • Key processes such as Solubility, Volatility, Retardation and Biodegradation (including degradation rates/half-life)
      • Includes sections on NAPL Considerations and Petroleum Vapor Intrusion

      Site Investigation
      • Monitoring well placement and design, single screen, and multiple-screened wells

      Groundwater Vulnerability
      • Various Remediation Technologies (excavation, SVE, AS, P&T, landfarming)
      • Includes sections on Generic Spill Response and Risk-Based Corrective Action/Sustainable Remediation

      • UST Systems (suction and pressurized systems)

      For more information on AIS training services, contact Curt Stanley via telephone at 713.522.6300 or vai e-mail by clicking here.

      An overview presentation on the AIS can be downloaded from the following link:

      Technical Support

      GSI provides the AIS software free-of-charge and provides no technical support for its installation or usage. Included with the AIS tool are various overviews and a tutorial (with subtitles in multiple languages including: Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and French).