An unstructured grid version of MODFLOW called MODFLOW-USG has recently been released to provide flexibility in gridding for MODFLOW solutions. Sorab Panday, Principal at GSI, is a lead developer of MODFLOW-USG and works closely with the USGS on its development. Unstructured grids allow for inclusion of various cell geometries and grid-nesting methodologies to discretize the domain as well as inclusion of various other flow processes and domains such as flow through interconnected one-dimensional features like fractures, karst, wells, or channels and through two-dimensional features such as faults or overland flow and their interactions, in a fully implicit formulation. The code is in the public domain and is freely available from the USGS website.

Suggested reference: Panday, Sorab, Langevin, C.D., Niswonger, R.G., Ibaraki, Motomu, and Hughes, J.D., 2013, MODFLOW–USG version 1: An unstructured grid version of MODFLOW for simulating groundwater flow and tightly coupled processes using a control volume finite-difference formulation: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, book 6, chap. A45, 66 p.,

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MODFLOW-USG is available from the USGS' website. Click here to download USG-Tranport Download Now.