SERDP: Source Depletion Decision Support System

serdp_main_screen_med1The Source Depletion Decision Support System, developed by GSI Environmental Inc., with funding provided by the Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), is a software tool designed to aid the decision-making process for remediation of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) source zones.

This Decision Support System consists of four modules:

  1. a performance database for source depletion (i.e., treated) projects;
  2. a performance database for untreated (i.e., natural attenuation) sites;
  3. a cost database for source depletion projects; and
  4. a literature summary of other source depletion projects.
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User-friendly interface: Graphical interface features easy to use charting tools for selecting specific parameters and viewing the results.

Data Filtering: Once your specific data set has been charted, you can look "behind the scenes" at the data and copy/paste,add formula or create your own charts. It's up to you.

Review Research : One module contains links to current SERDP research projects in PDF form. Topics are grouped according to SERDP project number (e.g. CU-1293)

Technical Support

Limited technical support is available via email from Paul Newberry.

System Requirements

System Requirements: IBM-compatible PC with Pentium or later processor. Recommended minimum 64 MB RAM (optimal 128 MB RAM). Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 and Windows 98 or later.

SERDP is not compatible with Excel 2007.


Two files are available for download:

SERDP DSS EXE: Installation program. This version is compatible with Excel 2000 and above. Download and execute this file for installation.

SERDP DSS ZIP: Archive of the above program. Includes 4 PDFs and the main SERDP_DSS Excel file.

Installation Instructions

  1. Open the SERDP_DSS.ZIP file using a ZIP utility such as Winzip.
  2. Go to Windows Explorer and create a directory (folder) named SERDP.
  3. Extract the files inside SERDP_DSS.ZIP into this directory.
  4. Open the Excel file to begin using the Decision Support System.