SourceDK is a computer decision support system for estimating remediation timeframes and assessing the uncertainty associated with those estimates. Developed by GSI Environmental Inc. for the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) and programmed in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment, SourceDK uses three relatively simple approaches to estimate remediation timeframes and the uncertainty in the timeframe estimate.

The model can be used to predict concentrations of dissolved constituents in groundwater over time at a particular well or particular zone at a site. The modeling approach is designed to account for the presence of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) and other source materials in the saturated zone which control how long organic groundwater plumes will persist in the subsurface. All three approaches include methods to estimate the uncertainty in any remediation timeframe estimate.

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SourceDK is a screening- and planning-level tool that can be applied to a variety of different types of source zones in groundwater for estimating groundwater remediation timeframes and the uncertainties associated with the estimated timeframe. While SourceDK is primarily geared for natural attenuation processes, it can also be used to estimate source lifetimes for some flushing-based technologies, primarily groundwater pump-and-treat.

System Requirements

The SourceDK model requires a computer system capable of running Microsoft? Excel (97-SR1/ 2000/XP) for Windows (2000/XP).  SourceDK has been updated to run on Excel (2007/2010) for Windows (2003/7).

Operation requires an IBM-compatible PC equipped with a Pentium or later processor running at a minimum of 450 MHz. A minimum of 256 MB of system memory (RAM) is strongly recommended. Computers not meeting these recommendations will experience slow running times and/or problems with memory.

Program Support Details

Limited technical support is available from Shahla K. Farhat.

Download Information

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