FAQ: Can I have multiple customized chemical databases? How can I keep my custom chemical database if I have to reinstall the RBCA Tool Kit?

Users of the RBCA Tool Kit may wish to note that it is possible to keep multiple customized chemical databases, which is useful for those who perform risk assessments in locations with different regulatory standards.

The customized chemical database is stored in a file called "UserChemTox.xls". Users who wish to keep multiple databases can rename this file with a meaningful name after use. The RBCA Tool Kit only accesses the file UserChemTox.xls for all of its custom information, so the storage files must be renamed whenever you switch custom databases.

There are no plans to implement the direct support of multiple custom databases in the RBCA Tool Kit at this time.

For users who have to reinstall the RBCA Tool Kit, it is also worth noting that you can move the UserChemTox.xls file to another location in order to preserve the data when reinstalling. After installation is complete, the user must move the UserChemTox.xls file back into the RBCA Tool Kit folder.

There are additional problems that occur when you attempt to use multiple chemical databases. This issue is being addressed by the developers for the next edition of the RBCA Tool Kit.