FAQ: How do I install the RBCA Tool Kit?

1. Both the RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases and the RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP come delivered as an executable ZIP file. Run the setup file and allow the files to unzip by clicking "Unzip".

2. You may then start the RBCA Tool Kit by running the start file (C:\rbca\RBCAstart.xla for Chemical Releases, C:\GSI_TRRP\TRRPstart.xla for TRRP). Note: You must enable macros in Excel in order to use the RBCA Tool Kit.

3. You will then be prompted to enter in your registration number and user information. Enter in the information and review your End User License Agreement. After reviewing, you can click "I Agree" to continue.

4. You will then be given an access code which is used to register your software. You can either click "Get Security Code On-line" to get the code directly from GSI's server, or you can get your security code by:

Telephone: 713-522-6300
Web: Online Registration

5. Once you have the security code, you can click "OK" to begin using the RBCA Tool Kit.