FAQ: RBCA Tool Kit not work after updating to Office 2000/XP

This is a problem with users who have upgraded to Office 2000 or, more recently, Office XP. Upon installation of the new Office, the security for the Office applications is set to "High", disabling all unsigned macros without prompting the user. While this protects the user against malicious macros, it also prevents the use of the RBCA Tool Kit.

To change the security setting in Excel, go to Tools > Macro > Security and select the security level to "Medium". Then restart the RBCA Tool Kit using RBCAstart.xla. It should prompt you for permission to run the macros in the RBCA Tool Kit.

It should be noted that, by changing the security setting, it is possible for a user to run harmful macros, although they will be prompted before doing so. Also, some companies have intentionally disabled macros for security reasons. Users in this situation will need to consult with their I.T. administrator, as the RBCA Tool Kit will not work with the macros disabled.

It was also noted that there are some problems running the RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP under Office XP. This problem may be resolved by applying Office Service Pack 2. This is freely downloadable from the Microsoft websit at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1a8ce553-ab76-4a63-99da-b4ed914c1514&DisplayLang=en.