FAQ: Run-Time Error 1004 on Windows Vista/7 Operating Systems

Run-Time Error 1004 on Windows Vista/7 Operating Systems


After installing the RBCA Tool Kit for the first time, you encounter Error 1004 when trying to register the product.


By default when an application is installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 operating systems the folder is given Read Only permissions. Read and Write permissions are required for the proper operation of the software. This problem has also been known to occur on occasion when the chemical database has been updated.


Note: The following instructions should be preformed before installing the software. If you have already installed the software and attempted to register it please remove and then re-install the software before attempting the solutions below.

For End Users:

If you are not an administrator on the computer that the software was installed on you can copy and paste the program folder to a directory under your profile directory (such as your My Documents or Desktop Folders). The program shortcuts will not point to the correct location so be sure to launch RBCA by double clicking on the RBCAStart.xls file

For Computer Administrators:

If you have administrator permissions on the computer the software was installed on your can follow the directions below to enable Read & Write permissions on the folder and its contents.

1. The default install location for the RBCA Tool Kit is in one of the the following folders:

64 Bit Operating Systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\

32 Bit Operating Systems: C:\Program Files\

2. Right click on the RBCA program folder. A context menu will appear, left click on the "Properties" Option.


3. Left click on the "Security Tab", then left click on the "Advanced" button located at the bottom right of the dialog window.


4. Click the "Change Permissions" button.


5. Highlight the "Users" entry in the Permissions Entries list and click the "Edit" button.


6. Click the check box next to the "Full Control" permission, then Click "Ok".


7. Left click the "Replace all child objects permissions with inheritable permissions from this object" check box and then left click the "Ok" button.


8. If you receive a Windows Security warning message, left click "Yes".


9. Click "Ok", then "Ok" again to close the dialog boxes that were opened. Once you have completed these steps you can now run the RBCA Tool Kit and register the software.

Note: If you had previously tried to register the product, received the 1004 run-time error and saved the file, you will need to remove and re-install the software. Once the software is installed follow the instructions above before registering the product.