FAQ: Run-time error 1004 while attempting to register a RBCA Tool Kit product

When attempting to register a RBCA software product, the following error is generated:

RBCA Tool Kit 1004 Error Screen Shot




Every time that the software is run, it requires registration before it is functional.

RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases requires that the user have at least “change” permission to the folder from which the tool kit is running. The various Microsoft Excel files that contain the word “start” in the name (e.g., rbcastart.xls, ACRBCAstart.xla,etc), store user registration data and will not function properly without this level of access.
More Information:
The above behavior has also been reported in the following situations:

* RBCA files reside on a network share instead of the local machine (required).
* RBCA files are being run from within an archive (e.g., ZIP, RAR, etc).

How to register RBCA Tool Kit software:

1. Launch the tool kit.
2. Put in the appropriate name, company name (if applicable) and registration number.
3. The software will generate an access code. (Make note of this code.)
5. Open an internet browser and go to the following address:  http://www.gsi-net.com/auth.asp
6. Enter in the required information, including the registration number and access code from #3 above. (Be sure and select the appropriate version of the software.)
7. The website will generate a security code. (Make note of this code.)
8. Switch back to Excel and enter the security code generated in #7 above.
9. Select OK.
10. The RBCA Tool Kit software is now registered and may be used.