FAQ: Why are the saved input parameters different from what I put into the RBCA Tool Kit?

Some users outside of the United States have reported problems loading and saving RBCA Tool Kit data files. Specifically, when Windows is configured to use the "," (comma) for the decimal and the "." (period) for the digit grouping symbol, then values for some input parameters may be corrupted when data is saved or loaded into the RBCA Tool Kit, depending on the particular language/version combination of Windows and Excel (e.g. English Windows NT 4.0 with Portuguese Excel 97, etc.)

It was determined that this problem does not occur when the "Regional Settings" feature in Windows is set to "English (United States)". To access this feature, choose Settings, then Control Panel, from the Windows "Start" button. In the Control Panel window, open Regional Settings and choose "English (United States)". Alternatively, the Regional Settings language/country setting may be left as is, and under the "Number" tab choose "." (period) for the decimal symbol and "," (comma) for the digit grouping symbol.