FAQ: Why do I get a "Type Mismatch" Error at startup?

The RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases, version 1.2 and earlier may fail to start properly (Excel reports a "Type Mismatch" macro error) after customizing certain chemicals in the chemical data base.

The problem stems from a few of the CAS numbers in the built-in database containing dashes ("-") whereas they should be stored as numbers alone.  (for example, "7440-36-0" verses "7440360" for Antimony.)  When the software loads the custom database upon startup, dashes included in  a CAS number will cause a "Type Mismatch" error in Excel.

We cannot correct the built-in database until a future software update is released; however, in the meantime faulty CAS numbers in the custom chemical database can be fixed with the "patch" program. To do this:

1. Download the file User ChemTox patch.xls below and open it in Excel.

2. The patch program will prompt you to select your custom database file ("UserChemTox.xls").

3. Check and convert any faulty CAS numbers, then save and close the file.  Please be sure to select "No" when prompts whether to update links.  (Selecting "Yes" will not hurt anything, but could tie up your computer for awhile.)

4. After running the patch program, you should be able to successfully restart the RBCA Tool Kit with your customized chemical data. 

To circumvent this problem while customizing your chemical database again in the future, you can simply reenter the CAS number without any dashes along with your customized values.  If the "type mismatch" error occurs again when reinstalling the RBCA Tool Kit, you can run the patch program again to clean up the custom database file.